The Last Battle

Fokker F.1 103/17 Flown By Ltn Werner Voss, Jasta 10, France, September 1917

Second only to the Red Baron, Werner Voss was an outstanding fighter pilot. In his short military pilot career (11 months), beginning in November 1916, he shot down 49 aircraft and was awarded numerous decorations catching up with the score of Manfred von Richthofen, who had become a fighter pilot 7 months earlier than Voss.

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Flying Fury

Se5a B4891 Flown By Captain James T B Mccudden, 56 Squadron RFC, France, Spring 1918

James McCudden VC was the most highly decorated British pilot of the First World War and one of the longest serving, having joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1913. McCudden's story is all the more remarkable as he rose though the RFC ranks (from Air Mechanic to Major) during the war to become one of the most decorated soldiers of the conflict. McCudden's wartime score was 57

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